Hospitality of 4-legged friends

We are happy to welcome all guests who wish to spend a relaxing time with their 4-legged friends (dogs, cats, etc.), but for the respect of other guests and for the common rules of hygiene, the owners must be guarantors of compliance with the following:

    • at the time of booking the presence of the 4-legged guest must be reported;
    • the structure reserves – at its discretion – to accept the pet (dog, cat, etc.) also based on the presence already in the structure of other guests with animals;
    • the owner must be adequately equipped for the well-being of his 4-legged friend;
    • the owner must take care that his animal does not disturb the other guests and does not cause damage to the structure;
    • the 4-legged friend cannot, for obvious hygienic reasons, enter either in the kitchen or in the breakfast room;
      we kindly ask you not to have your 4-legged chair on the bed or to use the bed and bath linen for the 4-legged guest (grooming, sleeping or other);
    • please do not leave 4-legged guests alone in the rooms throughout your stay (day and night);
    • we ask you not to have your garden and flowers do their thing;
    • all expenses for damage caused by the 4-legged guest are fully charged to the customer.

We believe that these are simple principles of good education that do not in any way diminish the love that can be nurtured for one’s animal, since these basic rules are unfortunately not always respected and their transfusion into a decalogue has become necessary.

Extra cost for final cleaning (one-off): Euro 10.00 for each animal in the facility. The supplement is necessary to cover the costs of additional cleaning of the rooms.