I was born and raised in this house, surrounded by the affection of my parents and grandmother. Simple, honest people dedicated to work and toil, who were rewarded with long and serene lives. These places are forever linked with the memories of a happy childhood, outdoor living, and contact with nature. I still remember the groups of children who would get together to play hide and seek, under the watchful eye of grandmothers, who desperately tried to restore some level of order. Then the wind changed, and I found myself on the other side, as a mother. Here I lived and continue to live with my husband Remo, and here my daughter grew up, running around these same fields as if guided by some unspoken tradition.

Now, with this new project, I am excited to take on the challenge that mother Rosa set for me a few years ago when, at the age of ninety, she wandered around the house, declaring that once the elderly members of the family had “moved on”, “avrosen vendù for tut” (we would have sold everything).
Instead, mother Rosa was wrong, because it is right here that, with my husband, a park ranger on pension, we decided to challenge ourselves once again, wishing to share the beauty of these places with you. As a continuation of what has always been the distinctive and peculiar trait of this house… Il sorriso dei nonni [the grandparents’ smile]!
We hope you can help us win that bet ;-)!